Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pride St. Petersburg

Ronny and I headed out to the St. Petersburg, FL Pride festivities this last weekend. Normally, Ronny would be the one taking pictures of hot boys and posting them, but seeing as I have the better camera the task fell to me. Also, his access to internet will be limited in the coming weeks so you may not see as many of his naked boys unless he's borrowing my laptop.

So as not to come off as having a one-track mind, I'll include some of the other fun pictures from the events. Overall, it was pretty damn kick-ass! The parade was good, the boys were beautiful, the indy films were ... interesting, then Drag-Queen BINGO was awesome (held at a nearby church!), then we wrapped up the evening at Georgie's Alibi- a local gay bar/restaurant/club. It was actually Georgie's that was the staging area for Pride this year.

Here are some pics without further to-do.


The cast of Bathhouse the Musical Held amature dancer try out ... these were the final three. the one in the middle won.

All of the boys who tried out along with the actual cast of Bathhouse the Musical. The one on the end (right-hand side) is super hot. I took lots of pictures of him.

See what I mean? Yum.

The window of the thrift store became a place to go and grind. Odd.


He was giving away free hugs. His undies are very very tight. Look closely for a surprise.

Here's the hottie again. I wanted that towel to fall off so bad! Our friend Jay held him down long enough for me to get this picture.

Sculpted on-lookers.

Aww a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. She flirted with me at Georgie's later, I like being called "boo" for some reason. She's awesome.

Work it.

He was thrusting wildly and was flopping about a great deal. I should have taken video instead of a still.

Guess who!

I just liked this shot.

What a fun float to be on...

Bathhouse the Musical. Plenty of eye candy.

Bathhouse Float.

GaYbor! Tampa represents at St. Pete Pride.

Lots of tight tight tight undies on the floats ... again, look closely and you can see his religion (or nationality in the case of us Americans).

More GaYbor!

Fun times on the float.

She's fun!

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

I thought this was a fun picture.

Dorthy new our friend Jay. She was very excited to see us.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Random Hot Pics

Tito and I will be going to Pride tomorrow. You can be sure I'll have the camera out quite a bit. In the mean time here is some random hottness.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Relationships Considered

So Ronny and I are approaching our 5th month of dating. To those that have in relationships for 5+ years I’m guessing your reaction is “whatever” to those that haven’t made it passed a month it may be more like “holy crap!”

I’ll say it right now: We moved quickly. Within a week of meeting each other we were both thinking about a year down the line even though we were afraid to say anything aloud so as not to scare the other one off. It’s worked really well so far, so I’m perfectly happy.

Still, generally when talking about gay relationships I always encounter the term “in gay years.” Two guys dating for a month is made to sound akin to a straight couple being together for nearly a year. The idea monogamous commitments (even on the short-term, let alone long) seems to be a less common event in gay relationships (at least from what I’ve seen) when compared to straight.

I’ll admit that most of my-own gay-dating life (as … diverse … as it has been) has generally been non-monogamous, or short periods of intense monogamy lasting about 2 weeks to a month. This isn’t to say I’m incapable, I dated my first boyfriend – monogamously – for about two year, Still, there was a repetitive dynamic to the process.

The intense flirtatious, lustful, exciting part of a relationship was what I wanted. When that part started fading I would loose interest, or conversely, the other guy would loose interest. If the latter, I would pine and want him even more for another week, but would get distracted by the next potential tryst. I’ve found, in my short 7 years of gay dating that this was pretty much par for the course with a lot of guys. Granted, this might have been due to where I was meeting them, online, but still.

Why is that? Is it something biological to men in general? We want to hunt and not be settled. Are our genes pushing us to mate (even if we want to sex up other men)? Maybe.

Is it Societal?
Some say monogamy in general is an unnatural state for humans. If their right and finding that one person is a social construct, being gay may breach the pressure. While attitudes are changing about homosexuality, there is still this idea about it being a form of deviance (which statistically I guess is true, granted a 10% one). Since there is a deviation from the norm the same societal pressures to settle down and be monogamous, though ingrained in many of us, may not be there. Society isn’t telling us to settle down and in most places we aren’t able to legally bind together anyway. Our parents and friends aren’t necessarily trying to get us settled down and starting a family as gay men so we might be on the prowl through out our lives, settling for shorter periods.

After all, there are a lot of successful polyamorous relationships out there, I hear.

Is it the promotion of the “deviant” stereotype?
If we deviate in whom we want to have sex with – maybe on some level it gives us permission (or at least gives us a justifiable excuse) to deviate from the norms of monogamy and long-term partners.

Is it cost/benefit freedom?
I don’t know a single straight couple that hasn’t had their rough spots. That hasn’t thought, at least once in the course of a year or 10 “I can’t do this anymore. Maybe we’d be better off apart.” But they put aside the initial feeling because they can’t “afford” a divorce, or for the kids, or because of all the joint aspects of their lives and compromise and come through it in the end a little stronger (many don’t and just divorce). Still, without the same rate of economic and family responsibilities, walking away from a same-sex relationship might be technically easier in many cases. So calling it quits because it’s not exciting anymore or you don’t get along anymore might just be easier.

I don’t know. Just something I’ve thought about.

I wrote this entry three times before deciding on this version. The first was way too sappy that I was making myself ill. The second sounded overly scientific with talk of neurochemicals and biology that made me feel like a Petri dish. This one still doesn’t drive the point home exactly but it gets there, I guess. I’m sure there are a bunch more possibilities but I’m out of time and these e-mails won’t answer themselves!


Monday, June 22, 2009


I remember the first time I ever saw internet porn was at my grandparents house. They had a computer, and had just gotten AOL. It was merely months after AOL started their unlimited internet access for $19.99 a month. I, of course, set it up for my grandfather, being 16 and the "computer expert" in the family. The day we set it up I was immediately immersed in a whole new world. A world where I could instantly talk with people from Australia in real time. It utterly blew me away.

Then the sun set. I remembered that I had seen a feature on internet porn on the show Real Sex on HBO (which I, of course, watched without my parents knowledge). When I was sure, my grandparents and parents were in bed (we were on vacation in Florida, and I lived in Michigan at the time), I started my search for internet porn. The only search engine I found (before I knew what the term search engine meant) was Web Crawler by AOL (does that even exist anymore?). I typed "porn" and the manna from heaven fell (but at only 28.8K).

At the time, I would ONLY look at straight porn. But you can bet the farm that I was hoping to see some dick as that single picture took 5 minutes (or more) to load.

After looking at roughly 6 pictures, it was well into the morning hours, so I went to bed. For good or for bad the internet has changed my life.

Personally, I believe the more information one has, the better off one is, regardless of how offensive the information may be. As far as innappropriateness for children is concerned... that is up to the parents to regulate.

I have no idea where this is going at this poimt, as I have had a few drinks and am tired. So here, I will end this post. Good night, and good luck.



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