Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey. How is it possible that in a civilised country people vote for a fundamentalist movement as this tea-party?

1. People vote against their own self-interest. 2. Fear is a powerful force, so long as people are made to be afraid of the out-sider / those not like them it is easy to stir them into action without thinking IE voting against their own self-interest. 3. Politics is one of the only fields where people think they can do a better job themselves despite lack of training, education, and experience. The idea that being a "Washington insider," "Intellectual," or a "bleeding heart" are used as slurs against someone and voters buy into it shows some lack of forethought on the part of the voter: I know I want my leaders to know what they're doing, be smarter than me, and care about the well-being of more than just themselves. I mean I wouldn't hire a plumber or a high school student to give me a heart transplant. -Tito

Yup. -Ronny

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