Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kinda Neat...

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of Bok Tower Gardens. Tito and I went there for a little picnic for just the two of us, and we took lots of pictures. Well, one of your fellow readers was slightly shocked when he realized that he had a weird print that, he now knows (thanks to us), is Bok Tower. 

The Print:

My photo:

It's kinda cool, because it's pretty obvious that the print (which I now know is taken from a black and white photo) is pretty old. The trees have gotten a whole lot taller over the years.


  1. Hey Ronnie. Of course, I am that fellow reader, and this came from my Grandmother's house.

    It's not a paining, but a print taken from a black and white photograph, then hand colored by water color. This was popular in the 1940s through the 60's when color photography made the process obsolete.

  2. Just for the record, when I was a little kid, 70 years ago, my parents had a picture of Bok Tower in a frame in the living room. My aunt and uncle had brought it back from a trip to FL. I think that, at the time, it was the first sort of tourist attraction that had a big park. And there wasn't a lot to do in FL then but beach and ride around. I saw when you had it before and thought to write but now that there are OTHERS who are commenting, I can't be left behind. I do not have the painting though. It was pretty close to what your other reader sent. Less color as I remember.

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  4. I used to live in Lakeland, about 45 minutes from Bok Tower, and visited frequently. The beautiful grounds were full of gray squirrels who begged mercilessly for peanuts. I think they even sold peanuts in the gift shop. On one occasion, I brought my parents with me, and my (goofy) father decided to try to entice a squirrel to take a peanut from his hand. Either squirrels are farsighted or this squirrel couldn't distinguish the peanut from the pad of my father's finger but, in any case, the squirrel latched onto my fathers finger. Understandably, he freaked out and flung the squirrel a dozen feet away. My mother, also hysterical, asked "Do you think it could be rabid?" and I (a smart ass who was trying to mollify her her) replied, "No, only flying squirrels carry rabies in Florida." My mother, in all seriousness, moaned "It WAS a flying squirrel!"

  5. Sorry about the double comment. I thought I'd deleted the first comment.

  6. The first time Tito and I went there together (which was my first time there ever), a squirrel jumped onto my pants leg thinking I had food. It was hilarious.