Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quotes from us

Tito: We should do the HIV vaccine medical trial.

Ronny: OK. They said it's 90% effective in preventing HIV in gay men who take the pill daily! That's incredible!!

Tito: Bareback sex for everyone!

Ronny: OMG


My comments in conversation were of course for humor. Both Ronny and I want to highlight that it is still recommended that you use safe sex practices, including condom use, with the medication. 10% is still 1 in 10.

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  1. The protective effect was much greater in those who took the tablets consistently: it reduced the risk of those who took it 90% or more of the time by 72.8%.

    There has been much clamor that it is 90% effective, but it is only 72.8% effective when taken consitently being defined 90% of the time. The study does not if you miss a dose(s) how long the protection lasts or how long it takes to "get" protection.

    As you stated before, it all starts with a sane head and use of condoms and condom-safe lubricant (and lots of it). Remember to change the condoms every 20 minutes, especially if the sex is vigorous. Never use a condom for anal sex if you used it for oral sex.

    CRNP from York, PA