Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teabagger Quote

"Ronny I give you an F on your paper for substance or lack there of as well as presentation. If you would like some extra credit to bring your grade up you can do some research for yourself instead of plagiarizing talking points and re-present utilizing the facts? Ur Call!!! By the way? U mite start with the definition of a Ponzi scheme? last time I googled it, it was the 3rd down? as defined by the SEC. So I believe the Federal Government, Through a Federal Agency, Defines what the Federal Government is as a criminal operation or a Ponzi Scheme!"

-Some Guy in response to a comment I left on Facebook regarding the utter failure of Reaganomics, the lack of education funding, and how the stimulus actually did work. This guy earlier had claimed that 70% of Americans "according to the count on Tuesday" were against Obama's policies. (editors note: I did NOT change his grammar at ALL)

My response:

What "plagiarized talking points" are you referring to? Is the economy not recovering? Look at the numbers.
How can defunding education have ANY possible positive effect for our future? Like I said, the rest of the world is preparing their children to compete globally, and we as a nation are sitting with our thumbs up our rear ends, and getting off on the idea that we will always be the greatest nation in the world without having to make any sacrifices, or pay any taxes, or doing anything to actually nurture what has been our very fortunate place in the world.
The jobs my parents had don't exist anymore. Well they do, only they're all in China, and Mexico, and India. These were the jobs that the middle class thrived on, now they're creating the middle class in China. And our economy is made up of the service industry, and bankers. It's not sustainable. We need to invest in modern infrastructure (our current one is crumbling), new ways of making energy, education, bringing innovative new industries, and getting our nation healthy. This requires investment. It won't just magically happen.
And technically, it isn't 70% that thought it's irresponsible. It's 70% of the 40% of the REGISTERED voters that turned out that day. Just sayin'.

My favorite is when he tries to be my "teacher," when his post is barely legible.


  1. Republicans with out a clue make me laugh. Then I really think about what they've said and I want to knock them out. Fucking clueless assholes.

  2. 70%? How's that? Even of registered voters? Was Obama on the ballot somewhere and none of us knew it?

  3. Not 70% of voters... 70% OF THE 40% of voters that turned out...

  4. the election speaks for itself. the electorate voted against the way the Obama administration has run the country over the last 2 years. Plain and simple.. Sorry.

  5. ...or believed the lies they were told on Fox News... whichever.

  6. I agree with your argument and have stressed to all my friends to teach their kids to think analytically, and creatively. Now that manufacturing is going away, consider that when it comes back, it means we lost the ability to lead the world economies. Only by creating new ideas, products, and businesses can we lead through a new global economy. Time to pull out our thumbs as you put it.

  7. The elections do not speak for the Obama Policies, which HAVE BEEN FUCKING WORKING!