Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A lot of Tumblr blogs are starting to become exactly what made MySpace fade into the ghetto of the internet...
Everyone tried to make their MySpace pages so fancy with lot's of sparkles and loud music, that it made people physically angry when they visited their pages. The same thing is happening to Tumblr, only it's certain bloggers' complex and confusing design elements that are the opposite of anything resembling user friendliness and they are getting so intricate that the page loading time is far longer than is excusable in the current internet age. The only reason for this seemingly inexplicable intricacy, is that the blogger thinks it makes their page "cooler." Well, it doesn't. It just makes their readers angry.

"It is the equivelent of a 1990's animated GIF." -Tito

That is all.

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