Sunday, January 31, 2010


There are so many spelling errors in the last post. I think it's cute, so I'm going to leave them.

I get the sneaking suspicion that Tito may have been drinking whilst reading for his class. (And posting) ;)

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Your pleasure our command

Ok- so I'm home doing from reading for class and Ronny texts me from work saying that we just received a request for pirate porn! I suppose in honer of our bay being invaded and pillaged yesterday ;-)

Problem is, I couldn't find any real quality pirate porn. I did find my next costume idea from Halloweenies...

What do you think?

Awesome right?

Well then I thought, what's a pirate if not a sailor? So below is one vid I found of a guy in a sailor/pirate like shirt *shrug*

Then I found to hot dudes fucking on Mykanos. No pirate theme here, just a muscle hunk from the Eastern Block pillaging his buddies ass. It came up when I searched "sailor."

Ok! Back to reading!

Blessing in Disguise?

After yesterday's debacle with Gasparilla, (like I said, the reason we didn't go, is that it's just not very fun without friends... what is a great party atmosphere with friends, is just a obnoxious drunken crowd without them) we decided instead to go to Busch Gardens. It was fun. Rainy... but fun. We rode the Sheikra and walked around a bit... nothing special.

A friend of ours caught wind that didn't go to Gasparilla so he invited us over to his place. Tito had a prior commitment that evening, so when we left Busch, he went his way, and I went mine. I decided to head over to said friends place. I had to go back in the direction that we would have been coming from had we actually gone to Gasparilla, and I was driving that way right around the same time we would have been coming back.

As it turns out, there was a terrible accident in Northbound traffic that happened pretty close to the time we would have theoretically been there.

So, maybe it's a good thing after all that we didn't go to Gasparilla.

I dunno... or maybe I'm just saying that to myself so I won't be so annoyed at my friend that bailed. ;)

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Pissed...

So the friend we made plans with, the friend that we chose to go to Gasparilla with first (even though we received plenty of offers from other friends later, we still kept our plans with her), sent us a text this morning notifying us that she will NOT be going. So now we are left high and dry. The whole point of going to Gasparilla is going with friends, so it looks like we are not going now.

So, to all of our friends whose plans are solidified, and who are still going, have fun, and next year we will make plans with YOU guys instead.

I dunno, maybe Tito and I will go play putt-putt or something.



Gasparilla Time!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks for the well wishes!

Hi everybody!

Ronny and I just wanted to say thanks for all the e-mails, comments, and messages about our anniversary.

Today we had a delightful couples' massage (though they were two ladies... meh, the massage was good). We checked into our hotel to discover it was actually a suite (thank you hotwire)!

Then we spent the next chunk of time in the throws of awesome sex. We took it to a new level today including me strapping Ronny down for... wow, that might be a little too much information. I'm still a little boozie.

After we showered and got presentable we tried to recreate the date we went on a year (and a day) ago when we decided to officially *date*. It was fun (with 2 for 1 Long Island Iced Teas how could it not be?!). We ended the evening at a little gay bar we used to go to a lot and then back to the hotel.

Ronny wanted to see the MSNBC coverage of Obama's visit to the Repub retreat so he's doing that while I sip on a hot chocolate and put a little work in on a short story I'm writing. You can be sure once this coverage ends though it'll be "time for bed."

I just read this entry to Ronny and he threw his briefs at me. I can't tell if that means it's time for bed or he's asking me to do laundry... either way I think I'll get going. ;-)

Well if it isn't Hunter Vance

Look who it is? All dressed up like a pirate for Tampa Bay's yearly
pillaging parade. We celebrate being raped and invaded by pirates
every year with month long debauchery. Here Hunter (on the left) gets
ready to ride... He can shiver me timbers as long as he swabs my deck.


I'm So Excited...

...about today!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cute Boys with Their Cute Mouths


Today is Tito and I's anniversary! I worked and he has class today, but we both have the next two days off. We're getting massages and a hotel tomorrow, then on Saturday we're going to Gasparilla. For those who don't know, Gasparilla is a month-ish long pirate festival here in Tampa. Saturday is the big parade where everyone gets trashed (think Mardis Gras). Maybe we'll see some drunken frat boy cock... (probably not).


Lost in Thought

I love artistic nudes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you guys think it would be hot if Tito and I took a picture like this?


Vampires and Gay Sex? Awesome.

At least that was what I thought.

The premise is funny.

The acting is TERRIBLE.

But the fucking is hot.




Apparently, this is from Spartacus which airs on Starz? Ummmm... I need to watch this show, if there are scenes like this:

THIS is just fantastic! via ROIDS an RANTS


Alone and Naked


Going golfing with my dad again!

GOD, I love living in Florida.

If I shoot well, I'll let you know.... pun intended.



Boys and their webcams

This looks like a clip from DudeDorm or something of that ilk.


If you're having problem viewing the video, try clearing your temporary internet files.

It's All Gay changed their player, and I can't find the video that Tito posted... so here's one of two hot "sports" guys fucking:


Random Hotness

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dangers of Camera Phones

The greatest danger of sexting with your boyfriend during work hours?
Forgetting that the last thing you did on your phone was take a
picture of your erect penis and then checking your calendar during a
staff meeting. Oops! Luckily, no one saw my cock flash across my phone
screen but it was pretty funny in retrospect. Just thought I'd share.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Alone in Your Room


"Only the Democrats would consider themselves in the minority with 59 seats in the Senate. And only the Republicans would consider themselves the majority with 41. It's a sad state of affairs."

-Markos Moulitsas, Founder of Daily Kos.

Yes. Yes, it is.


CNN Breaking News in my Pants

So Anderson Cooper = Hot. We know this. He is most likely family, he's beautiful, has an exciting job, a rich supportive mother, and gets to hang out with Kathy Griffin. We'd all suck his dick, let's move on.

Jack Gray. Oh yes, Mr. Jack Gray. One of Anderson Cooper's producers. Funny. Witty. Adorable. Almost certainly family. Most likely an alcoholic but at least he's an amusing drunk with a nice apartment in NYC and a black lab that gets little too much coconut rum.

Want to know how adorable he is? Here. This is how adorable he is.

I'm Jack Gray, Tito's other boyfriend. I just don't know it yet.
Image lifted lovingly from Jack's Twitterfeed: @jackgraycnn

Ronny has already given me permission to bed this man without checking with him ahead of time should I ever find myself in a place where it could happen (though he did request video footage should he not be involved or in the room). You hear that universe? The door is open... your move.

He may not be your idea of hot, but he gets my geeky gonads going. Maybe it's because he makes me laugh or because the smart ass next door is just my type, but there it is. Hmm, might not need X-Tube tonight afterall...

Reader Submission

What a nice tease.

Not in a CSS/Java Mood Tonight

Right. So. I tried to tackle the X-Tube issue only to find no nice and easy fix that didn't involve code diving. While there have been nights where playing with style sheets and java scripting while ODing on Red Bull and VnV Nation were my ideas of amusement before heading to the clubs... I have A LOT of reading to do tonight (and my taxes). lol

SO near as I can figure the problem is that X-Tube's embed code doesn't play all that well with some of the widgets we have installed (especially when I have like 8 videos embeded). So I pulled the X-Tube posts as a quick fix until I have time to play. Until then if I really want to share some X-Tube favorites with you I'll link them like I used to do. :-)

Thanks to the followers that e-mailed, commented, texted! You dudes rock.

I may just end up doing the show/hide option or the peek-a-book hack later down the line, but not tonight.

Enjoy the rest and happy wanking!


P.S. Ronny, baby. Remember that scene in Swordfish where they made Stanley hack while getting a bj... I'm just sayin' ... it worked for him.

Playing with Code

Hi Boys!

This is Tito. I'm playing with our scripting so our blog may blip and bleep and be all flacid over the next few minutes. Be right back!

-Tito aka "The Geeky Gay Code Monkey"

RE: Blog Problems

The common thread SEEMS to be amongst those who are experiencing problems is Firefox. I'm wondering if perhaps there is a setting that some of you using Firefox have that is causing the issues. It could also be a firewall issue, especially to those of you who are telling me that even the videos on the X-Tube website itself won't load.

I am the furthest thing from a computer expert, but those are the things I would check. I haven't witnessed any issue personally, so I have no idea as to how to fix it. :/


Three's Company

Blog Problems?

We've had a reader inform us that since we started posting X-Tube videos, they have been having technical issues.

The blog seems to load just fine for me, and some friends have reported no problems either. So we need to know if more of you are having these issues. If you are and are able to, send us an email and let us know what the issue seems to be. If it is an X-Tube problem we may need to re-think how we post X-Tube videos.

Thanks, and let us know!


Sunday, January 24, 2010



Reader Submission

This very nice piece of cock was submitted by, and belongs to, one of your fellow readers. I'm digging the added bonus of seeing the porn he was watching too.

If you want to watch the same video as our submitter here, it's the Best O-Face winner in Tito's X-Tube Awards post.

Do you want to see... ahem... yourself here too? We're always taking submissions. Just shoot us an email. You, of course, determine your level of anonymity.



Congratulations to one of our readers, and a dear friend of ours, "W - (NOT the asshole former President)." This week he became a doctor!

Oh, we are celebrating tonight!


This Makes Me Laugh

It's almost wrong.



I'm always mildly embarrassed and at the same time, proud of myself whenever I do this.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

My unfortunate erection

No no no, this isn't about a spelling bee musical. I was literally woken out of a sound sleep by my erection about an hour ago: Very annoying as I was hoping to sleep in a little before telecommuting for a meeting in a little bit.

Has that ever happened to you? Had a rush of hormones so powerful your body woke you up to masturbate (or play with a friend if you weren't alone)? The good part about it is the intense sensation during those orgasms because obviously your body wanted it *really* badly. Downside? So messy! Since you're half asleep and it's dark, lord knows where all your cum went. But I suppose that's what black lights are for.

Anyway, I jumped on it's all gay and found this delightful bit of porn. It's your standard hot foreign dudes fucking and flipflopping bareback in the woods. It got the job done and I thought I'd share.

Enjoy gents!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Prop 8 Trial

I'm following @CLRights on Twitter as they are live tweeting the Proposition 8 trial in federal court. It's fascinating and exciting.

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Jerk Material

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Really Do Love Blowjobs...

The Death of Democracy

Keith Olbermann on today's Supreme Court decision.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Worse Than the Dred Scott Decision

So it would seem as though the Supreme Court today, basically legalized political bribery. Corporations can now directly donate unlimited amounts of money to any political campaign they choose. Which can, and probably will, effectively buy every election by pouring what will undoubtedly be BILLIONS of dollars into those campaigns.

So now big banks, can completely legally spend an unlimited amount of money funding candidates that OPPOSE bank regulations. Say there is a candidate from Bumfuck, Idaho running for the senate that doesn't believe in global warming, well now Exxon can donate $3,000,000,000 funding his campaign. See what I'm saying?

All this was done under the guise of the first amendment and free speech. Which doesn't really hold any water because a corporation is NOT an individual. Our elections have been taken from us, and we need to take action:

Go to and sign the petition.

Go to and move your money to a smaller local bank or a credit union. If they are too big to fail, and now they are big enough to buy elections, let's make them smaller.




From Southern Strokes... HOT.

Fun with Craigslist!

This sucks.

Click the photo to enlarge.


This is Cindy McCain. As in John McCain's wife.

It's only a matter of time.

My friend over at theCodyXshow posts some hot photos. This is one of them.