Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Duffy the Disney (Gay?) Bear

This is Duffy, Disney's newest character. Note the adorable sailor suit. And that he's a bear. A Teddy Bear that you can not only purchase, but you can purchase many fabulous outfits for him to wear. He also comes in pencil toppers (you know, the kind where you stick the eraser end of a pencil up what is presumably Duffy's ass), and fans (where he rides joyfully straddling the spinning device that cools you and lights up at the same time), and other various merchandisey things.

This is the Bear Flag.

And this is Duffy's flag and logo.

Tito tells me that the connection is completely in my imagination, but I'd bet you real money that it was Imagineered that way. A nod to a community that not only gives the company it's best talent, but also a community that makes up some of it's most loyal customers.

But I could be wrong...


  1. While I like your theory it's not true. I worked on the design team. The design and colors were inspired by some other elements and we weren't thinking about the bear flag. Duffy has actually been around for a while but we reimagined his look for a Tokyo Disney event a few years ago. Though now I sort of wish we had been thinking of bears! ;)

  2. Awwesome! Thanks for clearing it up. Tito will feel vindicated. Perhaps I'm just a conspiracy theorist. LOL