Friday, May 13, 2011


This is me (that's right, your faithful blogger Ronny) standing in front of the historic Capitol Theatre in Flint, Michigan. This theatre was designed by John Eberson in 1927. In his time he was considered the foremost designer of movie palaces throughout the country. He also designed the Tampa Theatre that is located in my current neck of the woods, which also hosts the the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival every year. 

This picture was taken while New Line Productions was in town to shoot exterior scenes for the film Semi-Pro, which took place in Flint circa 1976. Note what is written on the front of the marquee. That was a nod to Semi-Pro cast member Jackie Earle Haley who, as a child, co-starred in The Bad News Bears.


  1. I know a Bad News Bears cast member as well. They were one of the kids, and their acting career ended with childhood. I can't name names for obvious reasons.