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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Post

Twas the morning before Christmas, And sprawled out in bed

Tito searched for some porn on the interweb.

He searched for some cock inspired by the season

A Christmas post for the blog; no other reason (*wink*)

First he checked the dudesnude and then it’s all gay,

He even checked x-tube, but the hot ones were for pay.

He found some bear Santas, some twinkish Elves

He founds homemade porn of dudes filming themselves

He found some fetish porn with leather boots and straps

He found some furries with reindeer skin caps

He found a lot of puns about how Santa was “cumming”

He even found raunchy stuff that was rather eye-numbing

The hour grew late, and Tito had lots to do

A quick jerk and a post and then a shower too.

So he chose the amateurs ‘cause he had presents to wrap

At least there the guy blowing had on a Santa hat.

So my poem is written, my load is spent

I’ve posted some porn, to take care of your “tent”

So before you cum, I wish you with all of my might

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!


What the hell, I'll give you three. First the one I selected.

These were the amateurs in front of their tree. Note that Santa Clause is Coming to Town is on as the top cums...

Next, the runner-up

He's hot and has a nice cum, but it just didn't seem as interesting as the two dudes fucking. Still hot though.

This next one would be hot if the sound was working... :(

I really wish the sound was working for this last one.