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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amateur Sunday

As many of you already know I'm a big supporter of the armed services (not wars, just our servicemen and women). This turned into a bit of a kink for men in uniform as I moved through puberty- one I've been lucky enough to explore in adulthood (living near where a lot of military types are stationed has it's perks).

Today's Amateur Sunday is a reader submission from a frequent submitter - but he's so hot and has fit into so many of my masturbatory fantasies I though I'd give him his own Sunday post. ;-)

Don't you just want to lick up every last drop? OMG. So freaking hot. I'd lick that boy up one-side and down the other.

If you'd like to see yourself up here and potentially be wank material for your hosts and thousands of other guys like yourself, feel free to send us some pics! :-)



Monday, May 31, 2010

Reader Submission: Memorial Day Edition

Here's another submission from one of our readers who really likes to share. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we all like to be shared with! This is his third submission, and aside from have an incredible body and an awesome cock, look at him in those fatigues. ::drool::

Keep them coming, friend.

You can submit too at

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No One Asked...

...but he sure does have a good reason to tell.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Support Our Troops

Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Ask Don't Tell

While some Americans choose to support our troops by putting yellow ribbon magnets on their cars - in my single days I wanted to do my part in a very different but very real way. Namely, sexing up our service men.

All kidding aside, that's not what this post is about.

Originally I was going to quickly mention how living near a major military base meant that I ended up dating a lot of military guys in the four and half years between the end of undergrad and starting to date Ronny. Talking about how hot they were and the posting videos of hot "military" guys doing stuff... but as I wrote the post I started having this cathartic out pour of some experiences I had. I started thinking about the first experience I had witnessing the effects of war on someone *on top of* living in the closet.

I remember one guy I was seeing for a few weeks who had really acute PTSD. He was only a year younger than me (like 26 at the time) and he had debilitating anxiety attacks out of no where not to mention terrible nightmares. We'd be at a restaurant or a club and he'd just need to leave immediately and go someplace quite. I remember one time we were in the middle of making out and he just started hyperventilating and crying. As I brought him his medication and helped him into bed, I couldn't help try to imagine what he had been through.

It didn't work out for other reasons but I think about him sometimes. Every time I hear about a troop surge or hear someone talking about the war, I think about him and the other guys I've known who are still serving. These guys go out and risk their lives, their health, and their sense of self but officially that can't talk about who they are and who they love.

So instead of a sexy post, this is more of a reflective one.

If you don't know about The Moth, it's a series of people telling true stories about their lives, without a script, on stage. Lt. Dan Choi did one back in August that I think is just really powerful. So instead of porn, I'd like to share that with you.